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TradeAtlas Review, www.tradeatlas.com

TradeAtlas Review

About TradeAtlas

TradeAtlas is an e-commerce website that provides the most up-to-date information about overseas importers for the companies aiming to start exportation or increase and diversify their exports and exporters. TradeAtlas offers the world’s largest database of international trade. The Company provides #import #export #trade data based on #customs and bill of lading records in 230 countries.

The company TradeAtlas claims that clients will have the possibility to trade all parts of the world. Moreover, they promise to keep safe funds from their users, in addition, you can use all features from their platform, no matter what account you have. The company is registered in Turkey and has official representations in Spain, Portugal, Senegal, China, Pakistan, Mexico and Qatar.

TradeAtlas Review

Contact details

Web: www.tradeatlas.com
E-mail: info@tradeatlas.com
Phone: +90 (224) 211 01 82

TradeAtlas Services

TradeAtlas offers a wide range of services to suit any client:

TradeAtlas Review

TradeAtlas users are able to monitor their competitors and customers in the international markets. They can access data on:

  • 230 countries,
  • Over 20 million actual overseas importers based on bills of lading and customs records,
  • Actual overseas importers whose total imports are over 13,5 trillion US Dollars,
  • Unlimited searching and downloading of data of overseas importers in any appointed product category for a member,
  • More than 1,8 billion import shipment details,
  • The importers data according to HS Code and/or product name.

Also, the company provides three types of packages, that help clients better manage their activities and finances:

TradeAtlas Review


By using TradeAtlas up-to-date database, all members can have access to the data/information about all the importers from all sectors and all product categories in a country and can make new export connections for their products by contacting the importers of their products in company’s database.

There are various reviews about TradeAtlas, some of them you can see below. As well you can also share your opinion about this company. Finally, this is very important for everyone that already trades with TradeAtlas or is about to do it. Thank you for reading TradeAtlas Review.


  • Seiger Marcel 7 мая, 2022

    More than one year ago i had an account with TradeAtlas. At first look everything should go fine, my documents were fine and i even got an agent that from time to time helped me in my trades. That’s why i was more shocked when they just shut down my acc. With no explanation, no answers to my calls and emails. I would like to aware other people before they start to get in touch with this company.

  • Tiedemann Dominik 7 мая, 2022

    It is enough to look at the information on the Internet to get an understanding of what kind of company is in front of us and what it is dealing with. The office is 100% fraudulent. I have read several reviews and articles as well as testimonials about this company. Everywhere they write that the licenses indicated by them are definitely fake, that the company has been working on the strength of no more than six months, or even less, that there is the real trouble with the withdrawal, that there are no earning traders here. And I absolutely, totally agree with all this. Since, too, when I went to their official website, somehow trust was not created at all in this company, rather, on the contrary, some kind of rejection.

  • Arnold Mark 8 мая, 2022

    TradeAtlas was created by anonymous scammers in order to deceive people on the Internet, taking their money for themselves. The first time I saw the company purely by chance, a friend threw off the link, I don’t know how he found it, but the fact is the fact. I decided to score reviews on the Internet, and as it turned out, there were no reviews at that time. But now that I’m writing this review, reviews are gradually starting to appear. And if I completely agree with the negative ones, absolutely with everyone. The positive ones just kill. It can be seen that they are being scribbled to order. Apparently, the brokerage sharashka is already beginning to advertise its fraudulent activities in this way. Here is a clear sign for you that this is not a brokerage site, but stupidly weaning the dough. I hope that people will understand that there is no need to transfer money here, in any case.

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