2 октября, 2022
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Pepperstone Review. Scam https://pepperstone.com


My review today is about Pepperstone broker. The organizers of this scam promise their victims earnings, but in fact they simply cheat their clients for money.

Let’s start by exposing the project legend. The authors of Pepperstone claim that their broker is an international financial company trusted by numerous clients from all over the world, although in fact the site was registered on the Internet only two years ago. Here they simply lie to us, since it is not realistic to recruit a client base in such a short time.

Further, the scammers write that their activities are allegedly regulated by legislation (which one is not specified) and give the license of the Australia  from 2018. It is easy to guess that if the Pepperstone broker was born only a month ago, then they could not get a license in 2018 either. In addition, this information is not difficult to check on the website of the financial regulator. As you can see, this document is a fake.

Pepperstone review

There is no legal address, as well as a contact phone number, on the site. The «well-known international broker» chose to remain anonymous, and his clients can only scribble their complaints by email.

Thus, we can say with absolute certainty that Pepperstone is the most ordinary scam, not a broker.

What is the essence of fraud

The essence of the scam from broker is to imitate Forex and CFD trading. Scammers on the phone hang nonsense thingson the ears of newbies who do not know anything about trading and persuade them to invest money, which supposedly can be multiplied under the guidance of analysts.


In fact, the task of such pseudo-analysts is to deceive victims into large deposits, from which they receive bonuses to their salaries. Accordingly,

it will not work to earn something or even just return the money invested from Pepperstone . Fraudsters will manipulate the schedules so that the client will lose everything, or they will extort various kinds of payment of commissions, insurance, taxes and fines.

In the face of Pepperstone , we see another fraudulent broker trying to pretend to be a market leader. Scams on the topic of financial brokers are very popular on the Internet, so such sites need to be very carefully checked before investing your money.

🛑 Is Pepperstone broker a scam?

You can check the broker for fraud in the black list of scams. If your broker is not in it, then you can ask a question in the comments or through the contact form.

💸 Can I get money back from Pepperstone ?

You can try to get the money back through a payment operator or chargeback, a detailed post on this topic can be found at the link.

🏆 How to choose a reliable broker?

The best way to choose a broker is through a custom rating with reviews and feedback from traders.

󰞼 Where to start trading?

Trading binary options, Forex and CFDs is highly risky and can lead to the loss of the deposited funds in full. Before making transactions, you should familiarize yourself with the risks with which it is associated.

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